Press Release
AXA Assistance launches Vengo: the first tailor-made Roadside Assistance Program in Canada.

Press Release

Beginning November 19th drivers will have a new option when it comes to selecting roadside assistance as AXA Assistance Canada launches its Roadside Assistance Program called Vengo. Vengo allows customers to select a number of options resulting in a more customized roadside assistance product, the first of its kind. Vengo gives customers the ability to select the geographical area of coverage, whether provincial, country-wide or even continental. Vengo also allows customers to choose to insure a particular vehicle regardless of who is driving or alternatively a customer can choose to insure an individual regardless of what vehicle is being driven.

The product is the first in the industry and with an introductory price of $44.95 per year, Vengo will be an attractive product to new and existing customers says Project Manager, Sylvain Gaullier. A dedicated web site,, has also been created to allow customers to design their own roadside assistance program and even request services online. The program includes 24/7 access to towing services, battery boost, gas delivery, vehicle unlock service, flat tire service and others. Also available through Vengo are legal assistance services where customers are provided general legal advice as well as concierge type services such as restaurant reservations through the Vengo Privileges program.

AXA Assistance Canada, part of the AXA Assistance Group headquartered in Paris, France, has been operating in Montreal since 1999. Currently AXA Assistance Canada is providing roadside assistance services to over 200,000 customers in addition to offering medical and legal assistance services throughout the country. A telemarketing department specializing in sales, surveys and lead generation is also available.

Contact : Sylvain Gaullier, 514-285-8109

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