Questions & Answers

The Application

How can I make my roadside assistance request?

You can access our mobile website to make your online request or call one of our assistance coordinators at 1-866-708-3646.

On which device can I complete my online roadside assistance request?

You can make your roadside assistance request on any device that is connected to the internet, either your computer, your tablets or your smartphone (Androïd and iOs).

Can I benefit from the Vengo On Demand offer without internet connection?

Yes, of course! Vengo On Demand is also available by phone at 1-866-708-3646. Just make sure to have your credit card in hand and call us to make your roadside assistance request.

How can you locate me?

We can geolocate you directly from your device. All you need is to activate your geolocation function and we will be able to find your breakdown location.


Which services do you offer with your product Vengo On Demand?

We offer towing, gas delivery, battery boost, tire change, winch and unlocking door services.

Can I use Vengo On Demand if I was in a car accident?

Our service is cannot be used if you were implicated in a car accident. We recommend that you call 9-1-1 immediately if you security is at stake. Contact your insurer afterwards to know your coverage limits.

Pricing & Payment

Do I need to buy a package to obtain roadside assistance?

No. With Vengo On Demand, you can request roadside assistance even if are not a member. You can simply pay for the service you order and actually need.

How is the pricing calculated?

The price of the service is calculated according to the location, type of breakdown, material required and towing distance requested.
For towing requests in particular, the price varies according to the scenario you choose:

  • If you choose your towing destination, the price is automatically calculated according to the distance to be travelled.
  • If you select the option, Nearest garage, the price includes 5km of towing. If the towing distance exceeds the basic coverage, you would have to pay the additional cost directly to the provider.
  • If you prefer to choose the towing destination with the provider directly, no mileage will be charged by Vengo. Instead, you will have to pay the kilometers covered directly to the provider dispatched to the scene of the breakdown.

When is the full amount of the service billed to my credit card?

Our system only requires a pre-authorization of the transaction. The full amount is only charged once a provider has been dispatched.

If I cancel my service after paying, can I be reimbursed?

If you want to cancel your roadside assistance request, call us as fast as possible at 1-866-708-3646. If the provider is not headed in your direction yet, we will be able to reimburse you.

Packages & Memberships

Can I buy a package that includes many roadside assistance services?

Even though we’ve just launched the Vengo On Demand product for individuals who prefer to pay-per-use, we continue to offer our annual memberships. These packages are not yet sold online but if you want more information on our offers and would like to subscribe, please call one of our representatives 1-866-708-3636.

If I own a Vengo membership, how can I make my roadside assistance request?

If you are already a Vengo member, you can request roadside assistance by calling 1-866-708-3646. Make sure to have your membership card with you so you can give us your client number. Soon you will be able to make your request online through our app.

Where can I see the history of my assistance or modify my personal information?

If you have a Vengo package, you can access your dashboard at any time. All you have to do is connect to your account by entering your client number indicated on your membership card and add your postal code.